H&H Cabinets

Closed end of 2022, 4 years left on a 5 year absolute NNN lease. First distribution Jan 2023.

Multi-Tenant Airport

Purchased 5 building portfolio after months of negotiations and follow up. Large value add project and lease up, purchased at 64% occupancy and 12% loss to lease.

Utica Leaseback

Sale/Leaseback with local business J&J Appliances. Purchased at 10 cap, but will have vacancy because leaseback is short.

49th Industrial

This is a 10.9 cap deal and appraised $110,000 over contract price. Expected cash on cash returns are 18% and total annualized return over 25%.  

Eastside Mobile Home Park

While Deren’s focus is now Industrial real estate, his first commercial property was a 25 unit mobile home park. He took occupancy from 39% to 96% and hs increased the NOI over 300%.

More Coming Soon…

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